Firehouse Donuts

Doughnuts, old-school style

Philadelphia Inquirer – 01.26.2017

Coffee and Tea Festival at Expo Center in Oaks draws lovers of both brews

firehousedonuts-110815Whether their beverage of choice was coffee or tea, one thing was for sure: many attendees seem to agree that a Firehouse Donut was the perfect accompaniment.

“Donuts go with both,” said Firehouse Donuts owner Kevin Carney, a longtime firefighter and confirmed coffee drinker.

For many years, Carney used to make his classic cake donuts for firehouse fundraisers and then transitioned into a career as a donut entrepreneur, selling his artisanal creations made in West Chester to local outlets like Corropolese Bakery & Deli in East Norriton and Skippack Village Italian Market.

“I have people coming up to me and saying how glad they are that we’re here at the festival because they can’t get the donuts anywhere else,” said Carney, who pronounced the day “donuts-for-dinner Sunday. Donuts aren’t just for breakfast anymore,” he added, grinning.

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